This is a short video we shot to tell the story and philosophy of Be True Design. Be True creates meaningful touchpoints that sharpen focus, add value, and leave lasting impressions. – Chris Giles Images



Bringing brands to life.

Be True Design is a full service brand design consultancy headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We transform health and wellness brands and deliver healthy creative that helps craft stories in insightful and inspiring ways.

We'd like to help you champion a visual strategy that conveys your brand’s core attributes across the media channels that help you the most — with messaging that expresses clarity, resonance and truth.


Services & Solutions.

Health and Wellness Brand Identity Your brand DNA (background story and defining characteristics) developed and designed into finely honed solutions.

Health and Wellness Brand Strategy creative strategy takes flight by building connections between what you do, and the values people can connect with.

Health and Wellness Digital User interface design, websites and development of smart visual graphics for your web, mobile, email, and social media.


Amplify your brand.

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